2-3 Characters .ID Domains

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Don't settle for a second rate domain name

If you're starting a new business, get ahead start by purchasing a memorable domain name. With much of the domain name market already depleted, a premium domain name sets you up for success. On the Internet, nothing is as powerful as a premium domain name. Search now for a premium domain, and if one is available in our inventory, register it.
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Why .ID Premium Domain Names?

Keep it short and sweet, with .ID you can add “inexpensive” too! You can get a 2 character domain name for US$ 50.000 and 3 character domain name for US$ 1.500! For example: A company from China bought a two-letter name Domain called JD.ID for $50.000. They also bought JD.COM for around $5 million dollars.

Better Domain Name, Better Business

Internet is similar to a shopping area in the centre of the city, either you have a high-level street address or just a side street one. A clumsy domain name make business looks—and sounds—less credible and less memorable.

Can’t remember a long Domain Name

It renders people unable to have your domain name at the tip of their tongue, or even share it through word of mouth. Don’t believe us? Just ask Dell, EBAY, JD, or NIKE.